Lien Relief

A tax lien is a claim against you whenever you owe taxes to the IRS or state. The IRS can take away any of your unprotected assets as payment for the amount of taxes you owe. It allows the government to seize and lay legal claim on your assets and property if you don’t pay back to the IRS. Because of this, we specialize in release of liens.

Initially, the existence of this tax lien claim is not public information, so sometimes it is called a secret or automatic lien. The taxpayer may not even know that they have a tax lien filed against them. The tax lien may attach to anything you own or have a right in.

The IRS may send you tax bills that show the amount of taxes you owe and demand payment. If you don’t respond to the notice by making a payment, and you owe at least $10,000, the IRS may show your lien in the public records with how much you owe.

Not only that, having tax liens can affect your credit and make it tougher to get loans. A tax lien that shows up in the public records may make it difficult for you to refinance or get loans from potential creditors and lenders, since they will know that the IRS or state has a lien filed on your assets and properties. Taxpayers who have a tax lien will may not be able to sell property as well.

This notice that you owe back taxes to the IRS or state will not only affect your financials, since it will be a public record to your employers, spouses, business associates, and others. Tax liens are structured by complicated federal laws, but even the IRS makes mistakes, so knowing your rights in fighting one is crucial.

Why You Need Lien Relief

Tax liens must be addressed as soon as possible, and be taken care of with the assistance of competent tax professionals. At James M. Cha, CPA & Company, we can negotiate and settle with the IRS to obtain relief from the federal tax lien, in the best interest of the taxpayers. Our professional team can help you get release of liens.

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